🌎 Filecoin Web Services

Building out the alternative to AWS, GCP, and Azure. Using the power of Filecoin, the world's largest decentralized storage network.

This is our mission:

We want an internet where resources are owned & shared by everyone. Everyone shares consensus over a distributed ledger. Data storage is verifiably stored for the end-user, and more fault tolerant. There is no central authority of control and no single point of failure. And the security promise only improves as the network continues to grow. Just imagine all of the certifications that can be automatically generated for end users by a new network like this. This is how you achieve storage as a human right for anyone in the world.

We're going to prove that we can get here by building the tools that can support onboarding 10 PiBs a day of data to the Filecoin Network. But we're also not going to forget about retrievability and helping the Filecoin Network actually become usable.

Tools & Roadmap

Delta (https://delta.store)

Use Delta to make end-to-end deals and import deals.

It is written in Go and designed to be paired well with bare-metal infrastructure. Delta is decentralized, point-to-point onboarding. The tooling allows you to make storage deals with any number of storage providers of your choosing. Delta can integrate with any storage provider discovery tool, or plug into another reputation system to find storage providers. The tool is modular, less opinionated about other tools in the mix.

Delta pushes content via a node hosted anywhere. It can also double down on throughput and support the "pull" workflow (AKA. "out of band") data flow to make sure that storage providers receive an unlimited volume of FilecoinPlus (Fil+) denominated storage deals.

Estuary V2 (https://estuary.tech)

Our solution to hot storage and application use cases.

Estuary V2 involves infrastructure upgrades that will reduce the cost of operations to under $5,000 USD a month. These savings will save us a million a year. In addition Estuary V2 will ensure high retrievability for data clients with under 100 Terabytes of user data. We will also provide an infrastructure provisioning service where people can pay for infrastructure using Filecoin.

Estuary has always been a service where users can retrieve everything they upload. This makes Estuary usable by services and helps prove that Filecoin has "useful" data. Estuary will continue to commit to this promise and work with L2 solutions for retrieval to help provide more methods for users to get their data. Estuary is written in Go and is designed to be paired well with bare-metal infrastructure. You can run your own or rely on our mainline service.

Microservices are built with WhyPFS-Core ➝ a lightweight bare minimum peer node for build storage-centric applications. It has built in capabilities for creating a Blockstore, peering with other IPFS and WhyPFS node peers, DAG service and Bitswap exchange to enable developers to build IPFS peer compatible applications.

You can provision Edge nodes ➝ a deal-making storage node on the edge. Edge is an application that is both an upload and retrieval gateway, and takes advantage of the new modular deal making Engine β€œDELTA”. Edge is designed to store files for fast retrieval and β€œdrips” down the files and contents to delta for each to replicated and persisted on the filecoin network. Customers can use it as a gateway and a reliable deal-making broker/engine.


➝ GUI for file management, settings
➝ Full API + API key generation
➝ Metamask authentication
➝ Pay for provisioning using Filecoin or USD
➝ Dedicated infrastructure for paying users
➝ Track which storage providers data is stored on
➝ Track deal state
➝ Failure handling and reconciliation
➝ Track file, sector metadata, CID
➝ Deal status tracking
➝ Custom configuration
➝ Storage provider details
➝ Online deal prepping engine, micro service
➝ Support HTTP, Bitswap
➝ CAR generation for each piece
➝ CommP calculation for each piece
➝ Retrieval testing
➝ Retry testing
➝ Deal retrieving engine, micro service
➝ Full tracking on deal state, data state, dataset state
➝ Authentication
➝ SSL terminated HA proxy (scale out solution)
➝ Containerization / docker / K8s capable
➝ API scoping / between modules / sandboxing

Bacalhau (External β€” Led by David Aronchick)

We are proud that Estuary supports Bacalhau on their mission

A service intended to allow you to run arbitrary computation jobs over data that is already stored on the decentralised IPFS and Filecoin networks - or, more succinctly, allows you to perform Compute over Data. By using the Bacalhau network, itself decentralised and permissionless, you can not only run jobs that transform your data; you can also cryptographically verify and prove that the computation wasn't tampered with and will always produce the same results - it's cloud computing, with receipts.


Ptolemy is designed to function as an orchestration engine to process large datasets typically confined to S3 buckets or contiguous filesystems. Ptolemy will package an entire filesystem structure in car files for deal making purposes. The goal of Ptolemy is to remove the effort around data prep for SPs and end users alike.

Project Motion (Miro Board)

The Engineering team is proud to support Angelo on his vision

Project Motion name comes from storage in motion and is designed to address the eminent need for 3rd party tooling and cloud offering integration. As a 3rd party integration engine, the Motion engine can be fully integrated with your current stack, infrastructure and workloads. With it's open API you can store, process, retrieve and track any size dataset between your solution and the Filecoin storage network. The goal of Project Motion is to make adoption of Filecoin as a storage tier in existing tooling frictionless.

Storage Market & API (https://storage.market)

Storage.market is an information hub on data storage products, showing analytics on the storage market and recent news. Evaluate prices across 337 storage products in the market with more information about storage products coming soon. We also provide an API where you can access Filecoin storage providers and get data from multiple reputation sources to pick storage providers to work with.